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AU Fic: Taken by the Border Rebel (Teens) 
10:22pm 07/04/2013
  Title: Taken by the Border Rebel
Author: silver_galaxy
Rating/Warnings: Teens, character deaths, historical AU
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: Black Robert Goren takes the daughter of his enemy hostage after a chance encounter and the futures of these families are changed forever.
A/N: Written for the M&B/Harlequin challenge at unconventionalcourtship on Dreamwidth. The story is based on the following blurb from a Harlequin novel also called 'Taken by the Border Rebel'.

TORMENTED BY HER INNOCENCE As leader of his clan, Black Robert Goren has earned every dark syllable of his name. But, having taken hostage his enemy's daughter in a fierce act of rebellion, he is tormented by feelings of guilt and torn apart with the growing need to protect her - and seduce her! Alexandra Eames feels Robert's disdain from the first. Then slowly she starts to see behind his eyes to a man in turmoil. Something he has no words for, something that can only be captured in a heart-wrenching kiss... The Goren Clan The family who will kneel to no one...

Whilst the first sentence of this fic is true, the rest is not.

Links: AO3 | ff.net
NEW FIC: Belonging - Chapter 3 - B/A 
09:41pm 14/01/2012
  Title: Belonging – Chapter 3
Author: Annabelle Crane
Genre: General Angst
Rating: T/PG-13
Pairings: B/A
Format: Story
Spoilers: Season 10
Disclaimer: Of course I don't own any of the characters that you recognize. All the rights belong to TPTB who had the nerve to cancel the show.
Summary: Bobby and Alex look back over everything that has happened in the past few months and years. Things have changed he is in therapy. She drives him.

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New Fic: Belonging B/A - Chapter 2 
01:55pm 29/12/2011
mood: accomplished
Title: Belonging
Author: Annabelle Crane
Genre:  General, Angst
Pairing/Characters:  Bobby/Alex
Rating: T
Summary:  It's Alex's turn to look back at the last few months. Even she can't ignore that things have been different
Warnings:  Season 10 Spoilers

Notes:  Feedback is good for my soul, and for yours too :D  Plus it helped me to find the energy to write another chapter for this story :D

Acknowledgments:  Much thanks to my pre-reader Diane (andromida1964).  She is awesome!

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New Fic: Belonging, Rated T, One-shot 
04:26pm 08/09/2011
mood: accomplished
Title: Belonging
Author: Annabelle Crane
Genre:  General, Angst
Pairing/Characters:  Bobby/Alex
Rating: T
Summary:  Bobby reflects on his therapy sessions, his job, and his partner
Warnings:  Season 10 Spoilers

Notes:  Feedback is good for my soul, and for yours too :D

Acknowledgments:  Much thanks to my pre-reader Diane (andromida1964).  She is awesome!

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Fanfiction - All Shiny and New  
07:07pm 21/06/2011

Title: All Shiny and New
Disclaimer: I make no profit and have no money to sue for anyway.
Rating: R

A/N: This picks up immediately after Loyalty

A/N2: This is a bit out of my comfort zone and experimental style wise (for me) so constructive criticism is welcome...just play nice please.

A/N3: Thank you to Daystarsearcher for the beta help : )

she wonders if she didn't just throw everything important to her away

Also it's been awhile since I posted here so let me know if I did something wrong...

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07:14pm 26/03/2011
  {01-29]  AtS/BtVS icons
[30] Firefly icon
[31-35] Dollhouse icons
[36-70] Criminal Intent icons
[71-80] SGA icons

5 x AtS fanarts
3 x Dollhouse fanarts
1 x BtVS fanart


More icons...
Fanfic: No Sudden Movements 
02:29pm 20/12/2010
  Title: No Sudden Movements
Author: Scribere Est Agere
Pairing: Goren/Eames
Spoilers: After Loyalty
Rating: M
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me.

Summary: We were always saying goodbye.

into desireCollapse )
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Fic: Fine Lines 
10:36pm 28/11/2010
  Title: Fine Lines
Author: Scribere Est Agere
Pairing: Goren/Eames
Spoilers: Post Loyalty.
Rating: M
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me.
Summary: And he realized it was like a puzzle, or a map, but the best kind of map, because all the roads led to her.

A/N: Was lost for awhile, but, like Bobby, am finding my way back, slowly, surely.

A/N #2: This is for my dear CSINut214. Happy Birthday. Sorry it’s not Grissom/Sara, but I hope this will do. You’ve been there for me in more ways than I care to count and I love you muchly. And, I thank you.

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The Biggest Mistake Made by 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' 
09:32am 25/10/2010
  Published October 21, 2010 by:
Gabrielle Rice

Too Many Changes was Too Much for Loyal LO:CI Fans
When Law & Order Criminal Intent announced the departure of four cast members earlier this year, I knew that the series was in trouble. Only six months passed before the USA Network considered
canceling LOCI. Season 10 is rumored to be the final season of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. However, Jeff Wachtel, President of Original Programming for USA, is not committed to ending the show. According to TVSeriesFinale.com Wachtel said, "The plan is for this to be the series finale, but with a Dick Wolf franchise, one really never knows until it's over."

Because of the series' uncertain future, Jeff Goldblum decided to leave the show. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Saffron Burrows contracts expired over the summer.

This is not a surprise considering that the new cast just couldn't reach LOCI fans. The fans were not emotionally invested in the new characters like they were with Goren, Eames, Ross, Logan, and Wheeler.

Maybe LOCI executives got too cocky. After all, they've had actor/character changes in the past and the show never suffered big repercussions. For example, when Courtney B. Vance left the fans missed him, but they were able to live with the show without him. Another example is Jamey Sheridan, who played Captain Deakins during the early years of LOCI. Fans missed Sheridan when he left, but D'Onofrio, Erbe, and Noth were there to pick up the slack while Bogosian worked his way into the fold.

Allowing (or making) Erbe, Bogosian, D'Onofrio, and Nicholson to leave the show at the same time was one of the biggest mistakes that Law & Order Criminal Intent executives could have made. These four held the show's original fan base. If executives thought they could catch new viewers with a large cast shake up they over estimated the television public. Nowadays, sitcoms are competing with a large multitude of reality game shows and celebrity reality show entertainment. A sex obsessed man isn't going to watch Jeff Goldblum at One Police Plaza when he can watch The Girls Next Door. Lets face it, sex sells these days and the things that Law & Order doesn't have is titillating sex and busty girls running around in tight clothes. However, what Criminal Intent does have is (or was) intriguing storylines, engaging characters, and quality programming that was cutting edge, but not overly offensive to sensitive adult viewers.

Another big mistake Law & Order Criminal Intent executives made was writing the final show that had Erbe, Bogosian, and D'Onofrio exit in such a disrespectful manner.

Captain Ross was gunned down like a dog in an alley. Bogosian earned his place on that show. They killed his character, Captain Danny Ross, for no good reason. They didn't even give Captain Ross a proper funeral. Executives would argue that they didn't have the television time for that. Hey, Captain Ross was a major character, so they should have made time. If sweeping Captain Ross under the rug like week old dust bunnies wasn't enough, LOCI fans were forced to swallow the odd and somewhat lame exit of Goren and Eames. Alexandra Eames fired Bobby Goren and then she quit. Goren kissing Eames on the cheek was sweet, which made the gruel easier to swallow, but LOCI fans still had to eat it. These crappy exits were the final nail in the coffin as far as loyal Law & Order: Criminal Intent fans were concerned.

The only piece of good news is that Vincent D'Onofrio is coming back for the next season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Critics speculate that Jeff Wachtel and Dick Wolf are secretly hoping that D'Onofrio can save the series. Under different circumstances D'Onofrio would be able to pull it off. However, LOCI executives really screwed up the flow of the show. It will also take Erbe, Noth, and Nicholson to bring the Criminal Intent brand back to the eminence that it had. Other cast members, who remain nameless, are in negotiations to return, so who knows.

If by some miracle LOCI can be saved, lets hope that executives and producers of the show learned their lesson and never try to pull such an elaborate stunt again. The 10th season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent is expected to air in 2011.

OnLocationVacation claimed:
Law and Order: Criminal Intent begins filming their final season next week in NYC, with Vincent D’Onofrio!

I really like this article beside the fact that Ms Rice also did a mistake. Kathryn will join the CI cast as well. The news are out since two weeks.
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Kathryn Erbe returns for 10th and Final season of CI!! 
01:50pm 08/10/2010
Reunited and it feels so… absolutely perfect.

Kathryn Erbe will be rejoining ex-partner Vincent D’Onofrio for the 10th and final season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, a USA Network spokesperson confirms.

News of Erbe’s freshly-inked deal comes roughly three weeks after D’Onofrio announced his own return to the show.

“I’m excited and grateful that Katie has decided to rejoin one of the best detective teams in the history of television,” said exec producer Dick Wolf in a statement.

D’Onofrio and Erbe left CI at the beginning of the show’s ninth season. They were replaced by Jeff Goldblum and Saffron Burrows.

CI‘s eight episode farewell season premieres sometime in 2011.

Reaction? Considering this is what more than 98 percent of you were clamoring for, I’m guessing you’re pretty psyched.

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EXCLUSIVE - Vincent back on CI 
04:21pm 21/09/2010

This is the big news RT @NikkiFinke: USA Picks Up 'Law & Order: CI' For Final Season W/ Star Vincent D'Onofrio http://goo.gl/fb/nX0Sg

And according to "TedonTv" - Twitter account, they're in talks with Kathryn Erbe to return as well

EXCLUSIVE: After months of negotiations, USA Network has closed a deal to bring Law & Order: Criminal Intent back for an 8-episode 10th season with the series' original star Vincent D’Onofrio, who will return as Detective Robert Goren, a role he played for the first eight seasons. Discussions are under way with Kathryn Erbe and other CI alums sans Jeff Goldblum, who recently announced his exit, to come back for the show's farewell season. Throughout the entire dealmaking process, USA's intention was to bring Law & Order CI back only if D'Onofrio agreed to return.

Additionally, USA plans to extend its relationship with Law & Order chief Wolf beyond Criminal Intent. The network's  production arm, Universal Cable Prods., which produces the series with Wolf Films, has handed him a pilot commitment for a new project.

Law & Order: CI will return with new episodes next year. “We have been the fortunate caretakers of this legendary series, and we plan to give it the world-class farewell it so richly deserves,” said Jeff Wachtel, USA's president of original programming and UCP's co-head of original content.

He listed several factors that were key in the network's decision to push through with the deal. "First, it was to bring devoted audience for the finale and create an event," he said, noting that the series finale of USA's Monk still ranks as the highest-scripted cable telecast of all time. "Secondly, you have an opportunity to create a new launch pad," Wachtel said as the network plans to use the final season of Criminal Intent to launch a new series or help an excisting series grow much like the final season of Monk was used to launch White Collar.

Given Law & Order: CI's big pricetag as an eight-year-old high-end procedural, especially as it started off on broadcast TV, making the deal was not easy, Wachtel said, praising NBC Universal's cable maven Bonnie Hammer for her help in making it happen. "Everybody had to make concessions, but it is the hallmark of a good deal when everyone has to suffer equally: the network had to absorb some of the cost as did the studio, and Dick and the above-the-line talent were gracious in addressing a very specific set of circumstances."

Wolf thanked Hammer and Wachtel for bringing Criminal Intent back for a tenth season, adding, “Only time will tell if this is a fond farewell or a renaissance for Detective Robert Goren but everyone both here and in New York is ecstatic about going back to work on a show that’s a passion for all of us. Signed, Brett Favre."

While this is the end of Criminal Intent, Wachtel left the door opened a bit. “The plan is for this to be the series finale, but with a Dick Wolf franchise, one really never knows until it’s over,” he said.

[Sims 2] Robert Goren & Alex Eames 
10:07pm 24/07/2010

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Fan Fic: Can't Help - Complete - Rated K 
07:52pm 08/07/2010
mood: accomplished
Title: Can't Help
Author: artisticblunder 
Fandom: Law & Order: CI
Rating: K
Pairing: Goren/Eames
Summary: Season 9 Spoilers - Was the fall really so bad for Alex?

(Can't Help by Annabelle)

G/E Fic: Sustaining What You Built 
03:51pm 31/05/2010
  Title: Sustaining What You Built
Rating: R (mostly for subject matter)
Summary: Goren & Eames investigate the murder of a high profile couple, while events are set into motion that will change both of their careers and lives. This is my "how they could leave" story. Set awhile after Frame; AU, my first attempt at major UST, could become a series.
Length: Nine Chapters; appx. 3,000 words a piece

A/N: I'm not exactly sure how happy I am with how this turned out and would love constructive feedback for me to edit with and then repost revised, particularly with the flow of the story...when writing something so long sometimes its hard to tell if things actually make sense :) Thanks!

even with the best intentions, things don't always turn out how you planned
10:09am 26/05/2010
  I'd like to invite you all to check out the new "GorenEames" community here on LiveJournal. This community focuses specifically on the Goren/Eames era of LOCI, and is shipper oriented.

If you have any questions about what is or is not appropriate for the community, please read the info page first, and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Hope you'll join us! :)

Thanks to willowwpryce for allowing me to post this promotion!
FIC: Pull me out from inside (Goren/Eames), PG-13 
12:44pm 21/03/2010
  So, remember "Vanishing Act" in season 7 - the one with Goren doing all those adorable magic tricks? A lot of people thought that those antics were his attempt to win Eames back after he had betrayed her trust by going undercover without telling her, in "Purgatory". I totally subscribe to this interpretation...but I felt like there had to be a step in between. She was SO mad - in my mind, there was no way he would even feel like he had the right to try to jolly her round, and no way she would have *let* him, if they hadn't already come to some sort of preliminary understanding. Hence, this story. It's technically a post-ep for "Henry Kissinger" - the one about the murders centered around a posh preschool. But it's really about the fallout from "Purgatory." Season 7 spoilers abound!

[It's written in the same universe as all my other LOCI fics, in which our heroes have been in a personal relationship - albeit a rocky one - since somewhere around the middle of season 4.]

The title is from "Colorblind" by Counting Crows - lyrics at the end of the fic. Feedback is cherished!

Pull me out from inside...
Fic: What the Captain Saw 
02:48pm 07/01/2010
  Title: What the Captain Saw
Author: Scribere Est Agere
Pairing: Goren/Eames
Spoilers: Up through Season 8
Rating: A
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me.

Summary: My name is Danny Ross. This is my story.

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11:16pm 02/01/2010
  64 icons made for alexeames_still goreneamesstill and locistills 



More icons...
77 Icons 
12:09pm 31/12/2009
  To clean 2009 here the rest of the icons I did this year. The Alex - no eyes and Anti Thesis Icons were made for the [info]alexeames_still  and [info]goreneamesstill  challenges. All other Icons I did of my own motivation. There I used the layers pictures from [info]untapdtreasure ,  galleries.strangevisitor and the Velocity of Vincent.

I wish all of you my LJ friend a happy and healthy New Year. We will read us 2010.

77 Icons:

[01-13] Alex - no eyes
[14-23] Anti Thesis
[24-33] Great Barrier
[34-38] Alex - Tattoo
[39-62] Cruise to Nowhere
[63-73] Folie à Deux
[74-77] Alex - CI Shooting


[I love Comments and please credit when you want to use them.]

Icons at my LJ