jeanniemctavish (jeanniemctavish) wrote in goren_n_eames,

FIC: Pull me out from inside (Goren/Eames), PG-13

So, remember "Vanishing Act" in season 7 - the one with Goren doing all those adorable magic tricks? A lot of people thought that those antics were his attempt to win Eames back after he had betrayed her trust by going undercover without telling her, in "Purgatory". I totally subscribe to this interpretation...but I felt like there had to be a step in between. She was SO mad - in my mind, there was no way he would even feel like he had the right to try to jolly her round, and no way she would have *let* him, if they hadn't already come to some sort of preliminary understanding. Hence, this story. It's technically a post-ep for "Henry Kissinger" - the one about the murders centered around a posh preschool. But it's really about the fallout from "Purgatory." Season 7 spoilers abound!

[It's written in the same universe as all my other LOCI fics, in which our heroes have been in a personal relationship - albeit a rocky one - since somewhere around the middle of season 4.]

The title is from "Colorblind" by Counting Crows - lyrics at the end of the fic. Feedback is cherished!

Pull me out from inside...
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