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Goren and Eames Shippers

Goren And Eames
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This community is for fans of the pairing of Goren and Eames on Law and Order Criminal Intent.
Here, you can post anything having to do with the couple: fanfics, fanart, wallpapers, icons, videos, or just musings. In fact you're encouraged to post as many of these as often as possible. ^_^
Just a few rules:
1) Absolutely NO flaming whatsoever. It will not be tolerated. Constructive criticism is welcome, naturally, but please be mature.
2) Images are welcome but more than, lets say two, should be placed under an lj cut.
3) When posting fics please include a rating for protection and all fics should be placed under an lj cut.
4) If anyone has any ideas as to make this community better in any way shape or form, it's appreciated.